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USG Foundation Donation

Dear USG National Accounts Team and USG Foundation:

The generous donation that USG Foundation awarded to Matt’s Movement, Inc., does more than help fund operational cost.

Donations received by Matt’s Movement, Inc. enable us hold free community education events that include; free Narcan training and kits, free CPR classes and while educating one person at a time about the stigmatizing language around Substance Use Disorder and the Disease of Addiction.

When a family is confronted with a loved one with S.U.D., it can be confusing and lonely. Matt’s Movement, Inc. is there to help navigate through the recovery world and validate those confusing feelings. And if that loved one passes away due to S.U.D. we do our best to help navigate those waters also, by providing local resources and names of local funeral homes that will work with families in need of financial support and understanding. Matt’s Movement, Inc. has been able to offer limited financial support, paid directly to the funeral home.

The most fulfilling mission of Matt’s Movement, Inc. is the support we give to a person in or seeking recovery from S.U.D. Providing resources for in-patient and out-patient treatment and daily recovery meetings and spiritual support, gives them the best chance at living a better more fulfilling life.

Now that you know how this donation will help fuel our mission, I would like you to know how the people we serve will see your amazing donation.

This donation means that a community will know what an illegal drug looks like, they will know that Narcan is a drug that should be in Grandma’s medicine cabinet because she was prescribed opiates after her knee replacement and for her arthritis pain. She is at risk. Our community will know what addiction looks like from someone who looks like them and knows the community. Your donation offers them a hand to hold during the most devastating time in their lives. They know that they are offered compassion and empathy from a place of understanding and lived experience. And if recovery is not in God’s plan and their journey ends in place that is not of our understanding and the loved one is called to their eternal home, a family knows they are not alone. They have someone who will cry with them, hold them up and be there when the night gets too dark and the sadness is so painful. Grief is personal, but sometime impossible to navigate alone. But when the person with S.U.D. gets a hug after not being touch because they were made to feel dirty, their self-worth is heightened. They smile. They know that we will not judge them, we accept them and will meet them right where they are. The pride they feel, when their time in recovery, and abused-substance free, starts to accumulate, after so many starts and stops. They know that life can be good and they are strong enough to survive it.

That is what your generous donation does for Matt’s Movement, Inc., the Native American Community of the Ramapough Lenape Nation and all of our greater community. Together we have to fight Substance Use Disorder and the Disease of Addiction, because this disease is truly color blind.

I was honored and blessed to have had an amazing son named Matthew Brooks Osterhoudt. For 22 years and five days he was my heart beat, my gift from God. And Matthew still is. My personal mission is to tell Matthew’s story to as many people as possible, so that no other mother ever feels as isolated as I did when my son’s life was being pulled away from me and I felt helpless, confused, uneducated and alone. Matthew was an amazing person who lived an amazing life, who just happened to have S.U.D. I will not let the addiction define who my son was and I will always help another mother to see their child, even while engulfed in the disease of addiction.

Matt’s Movement, Inc. came to fruition the night of my son’s funeral. 

 A community gathered in a small donut shop and said, No More!

My family stood in that donut shop and said, No More!

I stood at the pulpit during my son’s funeral and said NO MORE!

By making this donation, USG National Accounts Team and USG Foundation has also stood up and said NO MORE!

Thank you and God Bless,

Pat, Matt’s Mom

Patricia Osterhoudt, C.A.R.C., I.T.S.C., C.O.S.


Matt’s Movement, Inc.

DBA: The Golden Child Fund

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