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Family Support, Community Education, Recovery

 Matt’s Movement, Inc. is dedicated to supporting families who are navigating the sea of addiction. These waterways can be full of ripples, title waves and sometimes tsunamis. Matt’s Movement can be the ear to hear the struggles, the hand to hold during uncertainty, the shoulder to cry on when it all seem to much. We know what it’s like to fight this battle alone and we are committed to supporting families so they don’t have to do so.

Community Education is the key to preventing opioid addiction and overdose.

Matt’s Movement, Inc., in conjunction with other prevention organizations, has trained community members in the proper use of Narcan, the life saving medication used to reverse to effects of opioid overdose. We also hosted classes in the CPR and AED. Informational meetings and discussions hosted by Matts Movement are open to the public and can also be attended virtually. Those events are uploaded to our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube accounts to be viewed at any time.

Matt’s Movement, Inc. is a supporter of recovery. We welcome the recovering, the recovered, the survivor. It’s not about the label you use it’s about the life we cherish.​ 

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